07 February 2014

Damn Frustrated at Tampines Polyclinic

Today I went to the polyclinic with my wife, she wanted to check her INR level, so we went there, took a number and waited, finally our turn, we went to the laboratory registration counter, the lady asked if we would see the doctor, I said no because my wife don't need a prescription, she still have a lot of her Warfarin from her Thai doctor, then she told me the doctor would want to know her INR reading, but I insisted on not seeing because if we see, we will need to pay the consultation fees, which is $41.70 for non-resident, then another more senior lady cut in our conversation and highlighted that the procedure is such that if we don't see the doctor, we cannot proceed with the INR test, I was surprised, how come there is such a procedure, can't they be more flexible and look at it from my perspective? Not that I don't have the money to pay but it's just that I find it pointless to pay, all my wife needs is to have her blood test done, that's it, we don't need the doctor to tell us whether the reading is okay because we know the optimal range, it's 2 to 3.

In the end, seeing that they are adamant on sticking to their procedure, I told the first staff to cancel our registration and we'll take our leave, out of nowhere the senior staff told the first staff to cancel it and log in as incident report, she said that in front of us and she sounded unhappy, as if she wanted us to hear that, who cares if she log it as incident or not, what the hell man, do I even need to hear that? I find her attitude quite bad, the way she cut into our conversation, the way she sounds so right about her procedures, really disgusts me, as if we don't want to do the INR also cannot? Wah, die die want us to see the doctor? Who pay? She pay or I pay? Please, don't die die stick to procedures, stop and think whether it makes sense or not, at least look at it from other people's perspective, rules are set by people, nothing is 100% right, and as a front desk service staff, her attitude should have been much better.

But I admit I might have sounded frustrated, but of course I was frustrated because of the rigid procedure, plus the way the senior lady talked to me, made me feel frustrated with her.

Anyway this incident led me to checking with HSA on whether we have such a home test kit in Singapore, I checked with a few pharmacists and they either said not sure or asked me to check with SGH or HSA, I thought if we are going to pay $50+ just for a test, might as well buy the damn thing and do it ourselves, and by the way, polyclinic consultation fees keep going up, for sure it will be more expensive in the future, what annoys me is their service is terrible and yet they have the cheek to raise price, damn bad attitude blood suckers, rarely have a good experience there, even the doctors there have bad attitude, but of course there are still the few nice ones, and those with high blood pressure, I hope you will not be unlucky enough to walk into the room with the bad attitude doctors, who knows your blood pressure might get higher instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, control your temper, okay? Singaporeans nowaday get angry so easily over petty stuffs. Calm down and think for a sec.