03 February 2014

Even Foreign Spouses of Singaporeans are Under Attack

Today while browsing Gilbert Goh's Facebook page, I came across some comments that made me both angry and sad, see the following image. In case you don't know who Gilbert Goh is, he runs a support site for Singaporeans at transitioning.org.

Just to clarify, the comments were not posted by Gilbert, it was posted by people who visited his Facebook page, hope I didn't mislead anyone!


Foreign spouse will bring along their whole village into Singapore? What? There is no way to justify that without sounding ridiculous, really. Now let's look at some facts, for LTVP holders, they are not even allowed to bring any of their family member here, even if the foreign spouse attains PR status, at most they can bring in only their parents or children under LTVP, and they will need to be sponsored by the foreign spouse, but I read on some forum that there is a special case where the Singaporean husband was allowed to be the sponsor but that was only on a case-by-case basis, so it's not as easy as said, whole village? No.

Protest against Singaporeans marrying a foreign spouse? Go on, as if only foreign spouse will help to reach the 6.9M mark, but just look at how silly that sounds, if I'm a reporter from another country and I see a bunch of Singaporeans protesting over this kind of issue, I would laugh my ass off.

Cannot help a foreigner even if he/she is the spouse of a fellow Singaporean? If that's the case, don't refer me as "fellow Singaporean", we don't need your help anyway, and for your info, for foreign spouse who are LTVP holders, they do not receive any form of subsidy from the government, for those under LTVP+, the only subsidy is in-patient subsidy, and there are plenty of foreign spouses on LTVP or LTVP+.

I'm angry because they say shit without even bothering to find out more, I'm sad because Singaporeans are attacking Singaporeans, to be honest, I don't find Singaporeans united, not at all, people here mostly care about themselves, bloody sure I'm not the only one who noticed, perhaps it's just the way our life goes on, everyday is about trying to make more money for a better tomorrow, maybe in the midst of all these struggles, people forget about the basic things.


Anonymous said...

the man who gave the comment thought that all the people in other countries would love to live in Singapore which is not true.

Anonymous said...

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