28 February 2014

Friend's Property Agent Friend Called me!

I thought he was never going to call, he gave the impression like he doesn't care, I thought as with all the agents that we approached, they don't seem to care because our budget is low, that I can understand, maximum I can pay is $270K, 1% of that is $2,700, I think they will probably only get half of that which is $1,350, but what to do, that's as much as I can afford without stretching my neck. So today he surprised me by messaging to say that he will bring us to a few units in Commonwealth, very nice of him, I only told him I'm interested in one unit but he got a few for us, good, hope we can find one that we like, one that is better and cheaper than the one in Jalan Kukoh, but seriously, I still like the one in Jalan Kukoh.

But I think it was because I spoke with my friend, this morning I met him and told him about his property friend, I think maybe he messaged him or something, after a while, his agent friend dropped me that message, I think without recommendation, it's very hard for people like me with small budget to get a flat, if I were the agent, I probably won't bother too, such low return rate, I will think it's not worth my time, seriously $1,350 is nothing to them, heard from my property friend doing condo new launch, one unit he can get 3 to 4% commission, that's like $30,000 to $40,000, so what's $1,350?

Anyway yesterday I called an agent I found on propertyguru, I was interested in her unit, in the end she told me she was not the salesperson and she will get the right person to call me, until now, no news, very strange if she is not the salesperson, why put her contact information there?

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