27 February 2014

Got My HLE Letter!

This time HDB made me happy, I thought they are going to take 2-3 weeks, but guess what, I got it 3 days after submission! I submitted on the 24 Feb, and I only submitted all required documents on 25 Feb and today 27 Feb I got the letter, but strangely they didn't sms me, I happened to know that it was approved when I logged in to HDB website.

They can loan me up to $230,100, more than what I need because I have about $75K in OA, and there's also a $15K housing grant so total I have $90K and I'm looking for a unit which is around $250K, max is $265K valuation and $5K cash, total $270K so I don't have to top up any cash every month. I would say $250K to $270K is within our comfortable zone, any more than that is overstretching.

Now I am eyeing a few units at Commonwealth and Tanglin Halt, but I still like the Jalan Kukoh unit, basically the districts that I am looking for is Queenstown, Central and Bukit Merah, best is those which have completed MUP and comes with an additional room, sure helps to have one more room so in future the room can be allocated for our baby.

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