27 February 2014

Lower Back Pain! But Getting Better Now

This morning I woke up and the pain is still there, wow, can't even get up and my wife had to give me a good push so I could sit on the bed. I was even having difficulty using the toilet, mine is the squat toilet so I really struggled, squatting down hurts, standing up hurts too, I even had to pause for a good few minutes after standing up because my lower back was sore after the squatting, both my legs almost felt numb, as if there was electricity running through them. Then no choice, dropped my boss an sms, told him I will go see a doctor.

So after seeing the doctor, the pain is still there, he didn't really do anything except gave me some painkillers, medical certificate and that's it, well that's the thing about lower back pain, you just have to wait for the pain to go away, best way is still prevention. I think it all started last Saturday when I was doing sit ups on a bench with no cushion, after that my lower back felt sore, then yesterday after doing some chin ups at home, I squatted down for a while to rest, when I was standing up, the pain came and then it got serious, it was so painful that I can barely walk.

Anyway, just now me and wife went for lunch, we ate at Sushi Express again, this time we ate 20 plates haha, then we walked around a bit, it may sound ridiculous but the walking seems to have helped a lot with my recovery, the pain this morning compared to how I'm feeling now, so much difference, yeah I did put on Yoko Yoko and plasters but don't think that helped as much as walking because when I was walking, I can feel my lower back area relaxing, felt like the muscles are softening, I think the pain is caused by the muscle getting overly tight, every time when I feel the muscles relaxing, I will get better, now I'm feeling so much better!

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