26 February 2014

My Back Hurts!

Today after I reached home, I attempted to do some chin ups, and then squatted down for a while, when I stood up, my lower back suddenly hurts so much that I can barely walk, even felt a bit giddy, sigh, last time when I was a teenager, one nice uncle told me to be careful with my back but I didn't listen, I was young and full of energy, almost felt invincible, never take care of my back. So when I entered the army, unfortunately I got posted to some physically demanding unit, have to carry lots of weight, that sure contributed to my back problems, in fact several of my platoon mates also have back problems.

Anyway, to young people out there, please take care of your back, when you carry load, always squat down and keep your back straight, don't bend your back and carry load, as time goes by your back will hurt, last time I thought older people are always full of shit, now I know that's not true, they have experienced it and when they are willing to share, even though when it's annoying, try to take the good advise, if only I listened to that uncle.

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