24 February 2014

My Wife Cannot Apply for SingPass (Update)

My previous post here.

So today I called HDB resale hotline and a nice officer told me exactly what to do since my wife cannot apply for SingPass to do the electronic signature. He said I need to go back to my HLE application screen and then while at step 2, uncheck a box, he said there is only one box there to uncheck, can refer to the following screen:

Uncheck The Box at Step 2

Yes, just need to uncheck the box where it says "I understand that if I am using a public or shared computer for this application, I should protect my personal data and remove my documents from the local drive of this computer after I have completed my application."

Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense but it works.

So after I uncheck that box, I proceed as per normal, make sure all information is still correct and then submit, finally this time it allow me to go through without any electronic signature requirement for my wife, most important thing is it shows the option to print out the form, see following:

Option to Print the Form

So here just print out the form or save into PDF so you can print later.

And after you print out the HLE application form, make sure to get your foreign spouse to sign on the 7th page and write down the date (total 8 pages), this solves the electronic signature problem. By the way I don't have to sign because my signature section says I have already been authenticated via SingPass.

Next is upload all the required documents to HDB including the HLE application form via this url http://www.hdb.gov.sg/LoginMyDoc.

For my case, I need to upload my 15 months CPF contribution history, last 3 months payslip, the HLE application form, my wife's LTVP+, my wife's statutory declaration that she is unemployed, yes, if she is unemployed she is required to declare; this can be done at any HDB branch, they will provide one form to sign, this form needs to be uploaded.

Just to highlight, when you key in your salary in the HLE application form, you will get to choose which months, make sure you choose the last 3 months where you have your payslips, for example I choose Dec, Jan and Feb, but I have not receive my Feb payslip, luckily I can get it tomorrow so not that bad. While at HDB, I checked with the officer whether we can submit a new one, she said because the HLE serial number was given already so she don't think can resubmit, so better is to make sure you choose the months where you have your payslips. Anyway, I tried indeed cannot, see following:

Cannot Resubmit Again

Another thing to note is after submission, the application is valid for 7 days, that means you have up to 7 days to submit all the required documents or else the application will be cancelled, so make sure you choose the correct months for payslips, and make sure you key in everything correctly, check and make sure every info is correct before submitting to ensure things go smoothly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the details of the submission of the supporting documents. They are helpful.

Just to share that I have checked with a HDB officer that amendments can still be made on the hard copy of the HLE letter, provided we counter-sign beside the amendments.

I have a query for you - I wonder if you happen to know the reason why the statutory declaration form requires the spouse to indicate the duration of his/her unemployment (i.e. from when to when)?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for visiting.

When they prepare the HLE, they will need to know what flat size and housing grant you are eligible for, so they need to know your household income.

I suppose there are cases where people under-declare so they can buy larger units or get more housing grant, a statutory declaration serves as a legal confirmation on your employment status i.e. you say you are unemployed is not enough, they want it in black and white from when to when.