07 February 2014

Our First Experience at Sushi Express Singapore

So yesterday I said we will go try the new sushi outlet at Tampines One, they are really selling everything at $1.50, very cheap compared to Sakae Sushi, and it was almost full house but lucky today is a weekday so there were still some seats left, but is it better than Sakae? I think in terms of freshness, no comments as both are equally fresh, but in terms of variety, seems like Sakae wins hands down, my wife said she likes Sakae more. Oh another thing, the green tea, Sakae's tasted much better, it has a nutty flavour which me and my wife liked very much, my wife even bought a box of their green tea, as for Sushi Express, their green tea tasted like those supermarket green tea, even tasted a bit sour, don't like it that much.

So conclusion is, we still like Sakae more ;)

I noticed something about their billing, this is my bill:

18 Sushi $27.00
2 Boxes of Oolong Tea $3.00 (my wife picked it up at the counter)
10% Service Charge $2.70
7% GST $2.29

So the service charge was based on the 18 plates of sushi which we ate there, looks ok, but look at the GST, it was based on 7% of 27+3+2.70 (rounded up to 2.29 from 2.289). They actually charged GST on the service charge, which was unusual, first time that I ever saw such a billing, but anyway, the total cost was $34.99 including the 2 boxes of tea, the same meal at Sakae would probably cost more than $50, satisfaction at a lower price ;)

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