11 February 2014

Singapore Pools $10M Hong Bao Draw on 14 Feb

Today I bought $5 quick pick, sigh, wonder if I can win, at least a few hundred dollars also not bad, I keep thinking what would happen if I win $10M, I think the chances of solo win is very low, chances of me winning is even lower, some people buy $50, $100, wonder how they can spend like that, surely their chances of winning is higher than mine because they have more sets of numbers, but who knows, lady luck might favour me.

If I really win a big sum, first thing I would do is to carry on with my life and slowly think about it, no need to rush into anything, but I think I will go get my driving license and buy a second hand car, and probably invest the rest, maybe tell my wife to buy more land in her hometown.

So don't forget to buy, buy have chance to win, even $1 also have chance, never buy 0% chance.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why waste money on 4D and Toto? The money spent on those over years, you could have saved lots of money from not buying.

The odd of striking is so damn fucking low.