10 February 2014

Starhub Upgraded Their Website's User Interface (Finally)

The UI looks so much cleaner and modern now, fonts are bigger and key items are obvious enough, the old UI was terrible, too many things too little space kind of feeling. So other than checking out their main page, I also logged in to rewards, same thing, UI upgraded and I noticed that they merged my rewards points (mobile merged with internet/cable), now I don't know whether they calculate wrong or I calculate wrong, I seem to have 114 points extra, I checked my bills for the past 3 months twice, still the same, they gave bonus points because they upgraded their website or something?

Anyway, I also noticed that they now offer more rewards to choose from, shows that they heard my last complain and acted on it, good, their rewards variety used to really suck, very limited even though they had several pages, most were this plan, that plan, too many repetitions but doing the same thing, at least now they removed all that junk and replaced with a Bill Rebate redemption with multiple denominations ($5, $10 and etc), now they even offer tickets for Universal Studios and a whole bunch of other new stuff, even food vouchers like BreadTalk.

But I can see the site is still buggy, the pictures, lists are all so messy, even the Account Manager shows a whole page of "Error 404--Not Found", I think they are fixing it now because I noticed the pages were a bit different than earlier, I think they need some time to beautify it.

Come to think of it, I find Starhub really good, otherwise I wouldn't have stuck with them since 2000, I should have bought their shares, but unfortunately I didn't, now their share price is $4+, but I can see why, this company has a lot of potential simply because they listen to and cared about customers, they have shown this several times already, like the Odex saga when Starhub tried its best to defend users' privacy, and some other cases which I can't remember, I just know that they left a good impression or else I would have jumped ship long ago.

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