05 February 2014

The Guy with a $15,000 Rolex Watch

As usual, after work, take the train, find a comfortable spot and lean back, then came this very tall guy who stood beside me, he was even taller than me, I'm about 1.81 meters, this guy was at least 1.9 meters, he was talking on the phone, then he said something about his Rolex watch with a market price of $15,000, then he said if he sold it, he would be able to get over his current financial difficulty, he said the watch was of sentimental value so he had no plan to sell it.

That made sense, my grandmother left me a jade-studded gold ring bought more than a decade ago, not very sure how much she paid for it, also not sure how much it's worth now, and if I were to sink into financial difficulty, I don't think I would ever sell it, probably not even pawn it unless there is absolutely no other way. Actually she bought similar rings for all her sons and grandsons, not sure what she bought for the females, I think it was some jade bracelet because my mom got one or two from her. The gold rings for her sons was bigger, grandsons smaller, my father sold his ring though, maybe he needed the cash.

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