21 March 2014

Alamak! Now Then Call me

I received a call about 15 minutes ago from the agent representing the Jalan Kukoh unit that we saw last month, he told me the owner is now selling at $265K, I told him I already got a unit at Commonwealth, then he said "wah so fast", haha, aiyah, actually I still like the Jalan Kukoh unit more, the location is very good, I can walk to work and save on transport and it's 10 minutes walk to Chinatown. Sigh, too bad I have already paid deposit and submitted resale application, if I back out now, I lose the $5000, no point, anyway the Commonwealth unit is much more affordable at $250K, but the Jalan Kukoh unit is bigger at 53sqm, so actually it is cheaper if calculate by price per sqm.

$5434.78 per sqm

Jalan Kukoh
$5000 per sqm

But anyway, I asked my wife and she say she likes the Commonwealth unit more, haha, well, what's done is done, no point for me to think too much, I think both are good la.

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