16 March 2014

Beer Price Hike


Beer price at Kopitiam shot up by $1.30! Might as well buy one carton at Sheng Siong and drink at home haha, don't let these evil merchants earn, government say increase 41 cents, they increase $1.30, I never like to dine at Kopitiam anyway, actually I don't like these big brand food courts, their prices are ridiculous, why pay for the aircon, the food is so-so, food centres are the best.

Speaking of food court, yesterday after settling the deal for my resale flat, me and wife went to Kou Fu near Commonwealth MRT station, we bought 3 cans of coconut water at Sheng Siong and then I went to buy a cup of ice, the counter girl told me they only sell water but don't sell ice, I said I will pay for it and she still don't want to sell, what the hell man, I ended up buying a cup of iced water for 30 cents, iced water can sell but ice cannot sell? What cock logic is that? Sell me the ice for 30 cents they also earn.

But lucky my place is near central area, if I want to I can always take a train to Outram and eat at my favourite Chinatown Complex, there's also a food centre at Tanglin Halt, I think there's 2 if I'm not wrong. Or I can also go to Mei Ling Food Centre and eat the Sin Kee Chicken Rice, hahaha, I didn't pick the location for nothing! So screw the Kou Fu, hope they close down soon, then open a KFC or something, boycott Kou Fu and Kopitiam!

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