05 March 2014

Beware of Perverts Posing as Female

Last week, my wife told me someone messaged her on wechat or something, my wife mentioned that person is a female Indian national. Then just now when we went for a walk, she showed me the conversation, that Indian "female friend" was asking my wife out during weekend, I looked at that person's profile picture and it looked suspicious, picture doesn't look real to me, then I told my wife it's very common for guys to use a female picture to try to hook up with women.

So when we returned home, my wife asked her "friend" of the gender, then this person started apologizing and revealed that he is a guy. My wife was shocked, she was afraid I would get angry and she quickly deleted the conversations and told that guy never to message her again as she has husband already.

For those of you interested to know this pervert, here is his email:


Please feel free to add this idiot into your spam list.

And to the idiot, you are such a fucking loser, at least have the balls to tell my wife you are a guy instead of hiding behind a female photo, I might even have some respect for you but now, you are just a piece of shit.

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