12 March 2014

Haze is Back

Noticed that the haze today is thicker than last few days, don't tell me Indonesia is burning things again, but who else could it be, after telling them for years, for decades, they still continue with the burning, sigh, do they really have no other way to do whatever they need to do without burning?

Ok, I think I could be wrong, after googling a bit, I found this article, seems like the burning occurred due to the recent dry weather, that is true, our grass patches have turned brown, all dried up, I can't remember when was the last time we had rain, if our place is dry, I think it could be worse in the forests of  Indonesia and Malaysia.

But I think the best solution is for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to form a forest fire fighting council, each country should take turn to lead the council for a certain period, and each country should commit a reasonable amount of resources for the mission, currently what I can see is the forests of those two big countries are really big, if all 3 nations can work together to solve the problem, I'm sure it will be no problem, all of us need to compromise for the greater good.

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