20 March 2014

How Much is Starhub Rewards Points Worth?

I logged in and noticed that I have 3851 points, then I checked out the rewards, nowadays they have so much more options, last time their rewards kind of sucks. Anyway, how to determine how much each point is worth? Easy. First of all, Starhub customers get 1 point for every dollar spent i.e. if your mobile bill is $100, then you get 100 points, but that doesn't mean your 100 points are worth $100.

Ok, now log in to Starhub Rewards page, under Filter by, select Bill Rebates and click Search.

Filter By Bill Rebates

Now if you observe the different denominations and the points required to redeem, you will notice that the rebate to points ratio is the same, so basically every 7 points is worth $0.10, or you can also say for every $7 dollars you spend, you can save $0.10, which is about 1.42% savings, not bad.

Bill Rebates in Different Denominations

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