10 March 2014

KNN Low Key Training Again! WTF!

The moment I heard the automated voice message say it's a low key my blood instantly boil! I have served more than enough low keys, actually I just need to clear 3 low keys but I have already served more than that, and I need 7 high keys so currently I only have 4 high keys so I need 3 more, so why the heck did they give me low key again? What is the point? They give me low key and it only serves to delay my MR date, so what happens? I have to keep coming back until who knows when, which means every year MINDEF have to pay me my civilian pay for the days that they call me back, and where does the money come from? Taxpayer's money, I'm also a taxpayer and this is how they spend our money?

And what happened to the 10 years ORNS? I ORD in Jan 2004, until now it has already been 10 years, so why the hell am I still in the army and still owing them 3 high keys? Sigh, fucking waste of time. Not that I don't want to serve, at least don't make it so pointless. But seriously, what are we as uncle-to-be going to contribute? Run also cannot run like those 18 or 19 years old, army also scared that we kena heart attack and suddenly drop dead so nowadays our commanders also don't want to risk shagging us out.

I have emailed my unit, I told them to let me come back early, I also told them that I don't even mind if they ask me to book in and sleep in camp on weekend, I just want to clear this shit ASAP. I'm sure anybody can understand that, so how come the Army cannot understand that? Not that in wartime I won't fight, I tell you, in wartime, even if they don't call me back, I will still volunteer, I am sure many Singaporean men will do that, but wasting time in a never-ending fucking ORNS is fucking bullshit.

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