27 March 2014

Nursing Home Damn Jia Lat


Got bug in the vegetables! Like that also can, I heard nursing homes are not cheap and this is the kind of standard that they give?!? I did a quick search on the internet and found a document which seems to be published on Dec 2007, the charges for Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged and Sick:

Sree Narayana Charges

In 2007 one month is $1,500! I hope there is subsidy from the government to help these elderly and their family. By the way the different Cats just mean the level of care that the patient needs, Cat IV is the most dependent, price is the same though. I wonder how much it costs today, bloody hell so expensive and the standard so terrible, see the mug is so dirty, they don't even bother to wash properly, I bet they also don't wash the vegetables, really black heart, it's for human consumption, not for animals! But seriously our healthcare standard really terrible, jia lat, so expensive and so bad.

Sigh but such is the sadness of our society, when you get old, you can only hope your children can take care of you but given the high stress of this country i.e. no money no talk, everybody will be focused on earning as much money as possible, more never mind but don't less, all to pay for housing loan, care for children, what's left to care for parents? Lucky my parents still have a 3-room flat to their name, anything happen they still have their retirement nest, some elderly not so lucky. I think next time when I'm old I also better have some fallback plan, I won't want to depend on my child, life is only going to get more and more stressful here in Singapore.

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