15 March 2014

Paid Option Fee and Exercised Option

The deal went through smoothly, everybody very cooperative, now waiting for my agent to confirm the first appointment, should be around 14 Apr to 16 Apr. Oh by the way I also have to pay for the valuation report, it's $133.05, my agent paid for me, told him I will pay together with the agent fees.

I also purchased the floor plan online at HDB website, very fast, just pay $5 online and they emailed me immediately.

2S Floor Plan

Now I'm looking for people to help me renovate the kitchen, change toilet bowls, hope can get it done below $10K, still have to buy stuff, don't know enough money or not haha.


Anonymous said...

Hi MTGS, just wondering i noticed from thw floor plan only got 1 bedroom, next time when ur kid is born he/she wont have their own room?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, I was thinking sleep with us first, then when the house reach MOP, I will upgrade to maybe 3 room BTO, but see how, maybe the baby will live in Thailand because I don't really like the education system here.