18 March 2014

Selling Tissue is Good Money

I am a regular visitor to the food centre at Chinatown Complex, I usually have lunch there with colleagues for 3 to 4 days of a week. Recently I noticed that there were PRC selling tissue there, I don't think I saw them before, why I know they are PRC? By their accent, it's very obvious. I saw an old man and two middle-aged women.

Anyway like the rest of the tissue selling uncles and aunties, they were selling 3 packets for $1, that lead me thinking, are they tourist or resident? Actually not just selling tissue, I even noticed that nowadays even PRC are picking empty cans, what exactly is their identity? Very curious.


makz said...

most likely they are LTVP holders. Making a quick buck to help their son/daughter who is/are PR/Citizen in Singapore.

there is this SG PRC forum where they have discussion on how to obtain LTVP for their parents/parents in law

Noticed many of them around, normally i will wave them away. I will only help those who speak dialect instead .

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I see, but if they are indeed LTVP, wonder whether it's illegal for them to do so, I know LTVP holders are not supposed to work without a valid pass, but not sure how they are categorized in such cases.