01 March 2014

Shin-Sapporo Ramen @ Changi Business Park

Yesterday I saw a leaflet from Yum Cha, it says there is 10% off if we bring along the leaflet, they also have a nice looking set meal at $11.80 so I brought my wife to Changi Business Park today. The place looks new and desolate but once we got inside the Yum Cha block, wow, can't believe there was such a long queue, no wonder there's nobody outside, everyone is hiding inside! Hot weather and powerful aircon, no wonder why.

Anyway the long queue really put us off and we happened to see this Shin-Sapporo restaurant just beside and there's a few tables empty, me and wife haven't really try any ramen so no harm giving it a go.

We don't really know what is good so we started with the friends set where we get to choose one ramen each, my wife choose the Chicken Ramen, I choose the Tonkutsu Ramen, the Tonkutsu ramen's name is longer but I forgot what is in front, and then we choose the Menchi, it's minced stewed pork, I don't know what sauce they use but it tastes very similar to the kind of stewed pork you eat at Kway Chap stalls, not bad, and if you sprinkle some of their ramen pepper on top it actually tasted even better. Next we choose the mashed potato salad, gives a very refreshing feeling, finally I got myself a root beer, my wife a lemon tea, by the way the set also comes with 2 free shredded cabbage salad, the salad was good, the dressing was mayo-based with a light sesame oil fragrance, very nice.

I like the place, the aircon was powerful, staff was responsive and friendly, cleanliness level very high, I merely raised my and the staff appeared right next to me in less than 5 seconds, appetizers were served fast, main course not too long later, I must say I really enjoyed the ramen, I think this was my second time eating ramen, the first time I shared with a friend at Ajisen Ramen so I didn't get the full impact, this time I get to enjoy one whole bowl myself and the experience was very fulfilling, the soup was thick, I don't know how they cooked it until so milky, and the sliced pork is another enjoyment, it tasted like something I ate before but I can't remember what, after you bite on it, the juices still stick to your teeth, I tried my wife's soup, wow, hers also power, she said the egg was very good, then she gave me two pieces of her chicken, the chicken was ok, nothing impressive though, then I gave her my egg, but her soup was really good, it's some sort of soya sauce based soup.

So I spent:
1 Friends Set Meal - $39.90
10% Service Charge - $3.99
7% GST - $3.07
Total Paid - $46.95

Overall the experience was very good, so good that I even dropped the spare change into their tip box, thumbs up!