24 March 2014

Sichuan Cold Dishes

Just now went dinner with wife at the coffeeshop at neighbourhood, there is this newly-opened shop selling Sichuan food, mainly the cold dishes like Liang Pi, Hai Tai, Mu Er, Dou Pi and some other dishes.

Liang Pi is like our Kway Teow and unlike those I've seen on the internet where they put chilli oil, this one is white, I think there is white vinegar that's why it has a sour taste, there's also something like our Tau Pok (fried bean curd) but it's white in colour, also small cuts of cucumber, quite tasty.

Hai Tai is seaweed, I think it's boiled and then mixed with small bits of garlic and slightly salted, also not bad.

Mu Er is black fungus or wood ear, didn't expect it to be such an appetizer, only added black vinegar and bits of garlic and it goes really well with rice, tastes good by itself too, my wife loves this.

Dou Pi is the kind of hundred fold bean skin you can see in supermarket, cut into long slices and mixed with chilli oil, I like this one, didn't expect it to be so nice.

Other than Ma Po Tou Fu cooked by my mom, I don't eat Sichuan food at all but this was a refreshing experience, I think other than the chilli oil, the method of preparation is very healthy, no frying and eat with plain rice, maybe I should try those in Chinatown, I see plenty of such stores there but didn't really try it, no wonder I see the people from PRC eating until so shiok, I also think these cold dishes will go really well with beer.

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