26 March 2014

Songkran in Singapore?


Haha, and it's going to be a dry Songkran, what the hell, according to my wife, splashing water brings luck and washes away bad things, now what would a dry Songkran mean? And the dates don't tally, Songkran is from 13 Apr to 15 Apr, this dry Songkran is 12 Apr to 13 Apr, what the hell again?

I know there is a dry spell in Singapore recently, so I think they might as well cancel the thing, at least they only disappoint the participants rather than make everyone unhappy because there will be the environmentalists saying what a waste of water while people like me will say what's a water festival without water.

And even if they run a water Songkran, don't think I will participate, the feeling is just different, you cannot replicate that kind of culture here in Singapore, no way, everything here is too controlled, if you think you can drive a truck with a huge barrel of water and go around splashing everyone you see, sorry no, it will never happen in Singapore, somebody will probably call the police on you or stomp you, or grabbing some of that white powder and rub it on a stranger's face, you'll probably end up in a molest case, and get stomped anyway, I think what will happen here in Singapore is they will give you a small space and you can have fun in that space, that's it, just like how the government allow people to protest legally at Hong Lim Park, same concept, within their control, boring, might as well fly to Thailand and experience the real thing.

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