13 March 2014

Still No News of Plane

So ever since yesterday, I have been keeping track of this story, I keep thinking about how the plane could have gone missing, how come with so many nations searching and they still can't find the plane, and then the news is full of Malaysia information inaccuracies, I think they should just stop responding to the media, actually they just need to update the family members and the search and rescue teams, why bother talking to the media? If in doubt, just shut up, don't say anything, why embarrass the whole nation.

But I can imagine how worried the family members are, just look at myself, if I lose my key and I can't find it for almost an hour, I would get frustrated, not to mention people went missing for days. I hope the plane managed to crash land on some island and there is plenty of fruits to eat, I think with that they should be able to survive for a while until the search and rescue teams find them.

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