12 March 2014

The Missing Plane

There is a lot of buzz on it and as usual I thought it is just another over-hyped story and probably isn't real, how can a Boeing 777 go missing? I shrugged it off until today when I still hear people talking about it, yeah, people were talking about it on the streets, in the food centre, my colleagues were talking about it, even the old man who sometimes smoke together with me was talking about it, wow, it's like a virus.

So I took some time to read up about the story, it was shocking, a plane indeed disappeared and is nowhere to be found, several nations are searching for this one plane, even Singapore is involved. And as I read on, there are so many rumours, from the ridiculous to the rational, my colleague said he read somewhere that people were saying that the plane flew into another dimension, I think that is just plain stupid.

Anyway I think people should stop guessing and especially stop spreading useless crap, let the experts do their job, and I think the Malaysian authorities should verify their information before releasing to the public, like how their minister said the holders of the two stolen passports had Asian features, those two guys turned out to be Iranian, it is so embarrassing, if in doubt, don't talk to the media, if need be, just say still investigating.

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