21 March 2014

Tie Land to Thailand!

Today while thinking about my future and suddenly I thought maybe someday I can move to Thailand, then I found this very interesting blog, it is about a young American couple who gave up almost everything and moved to Thailand, wow, I must say they are really brave, I know it is not an easy decision because there are many things to take into consideration, seriously, I don't think I have the guts to do something like that, furthermore I just committed myself to a HDB flat, maybe in 5 years time I might consider again.

Anyway, as a number person, first thing I did was go to their budget section, I found a budget that they did last June and seems like they were spending $1180 USD ($1503 SGD) each month, note that the amount is for Chiang Mai and for two adults, now that lead me wondering what my budget will be if I am to stay in Udon Thani, let's compare!

By the way I got the Udon Thani numbers from my wife, very rough estimates though, also for two adults, and also note that I assume 1 USD = 30.61 THB and 1 USD = 1.27 SGD.

Chiang Mai Budget for TwoUdon Thani Budget for Two
Rent15,000490622000No rent because wife's mom owns the land and house.
Electricity1,53450643001012Range between 200 to 300 without aircon.
Internet/Phone1,22740518002633Internet is 700, mobile is 100.
Laundry3071013000Wife can wash laundry by hand or washing machine.
Drinking Water307101315056Range between 100 to 150 (10 baht for 20 litres).
Food5,5231802296,000196249One day 200 baht, buy and cook at home.
Adult Beverages3,3751101401,10036461100 baht for 10 bottles of Thai whiskey (620ml), wife don't drink, probably for me and visitor.
Petrol/Gas/Taxi61430381,95064811500 for petrol (bike, 2 days 100 baht), 450 for gas (last 4-5 months), no taxi in her hometown.
Groceries3,069100127000Already counted under Food, people there RARELY eat out, anyway the town is about 20KM+ away!
Household Items3,0691001271,0003341Shampoo, shower foam, facial cream, toothpaste etc.
Personal Care/Haircuts/Massages6142025000Wife cut her hair by herself, wife can cut for me.
Entertainment1,22740511,0003341Not much entertainment in her hometown, people there mostly drink after a hard day's work.

Hmm, seems like the rent and cooking at home made the most difference, looks kind of crazy but we can get by each month with only $510 Singapore dollars in Udon Thani?!? Maybe it does seem quite viable for me, maybe I can save some money, buy some land there and grow some potatoes and spend my time tending to the fields!


makz said...

hi there, i think it will be a good idea to start planning for the future as in buying a retirement home in thailand lol

i am currently searching for houses in the Bangkok area around 3M to 6M baht.... roughly around 200K sgd ...

i have already started depositing money every month from SG to my wife's thai account as proof of income to the bank for future home loan use =)

all in all i think singapore is not the retirement place for me , its way too expensive and squeezy.. you can think about thailand as an option too

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey makx,

Wow you are fast! I also think that Singapore is too expensive, everyday life is too stressful...

SLTD said...


I read your blog with interest and glad to find someone here who shares similiar situation as me (after reading your 'About Us' section).

To share with you, my wife is also from Udon but not sure if its the same town as your wife. She is from Nong Han.

I have been there a few times and just renovated an existing house (simple one) for my MIL last year.

If you are leaving in the rural area like my MIL, you can actually find and dig a Well, invest in a storage tank and pump and you can have free water as long as the Well don't dry up.

And I think that the calculation above is very conservative, but that will depend on individual. You will probably need a car instead of 2 bikes as bikes will only let you travel from home to market to get daily stuffs but not to the city area (from where I am staying).

And if you are used to the Singapore life, you will like me, keep wanting to go to the city area as there is really nothing to do at home. Unless you have some plantation to look after.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Thanks for visiting.

I think my MIL's house has a well behind, not sure if it's still working though, also heard from my wife that sometimes they use/drink rain water, they have a huge jar, almost as tall as me, 3 times as wide as me, to collect rain water.

My wife is from Wang Sam Mo district, about 1 hour drive to Nong Han.

Yeah, I also think if we were to stay there long-term, car is needed for longer distance traveling, bikes are just too unsafe on the big roads, in fact I have witnessed a bike collision... two bikers died on the spot...

Haha, for me as long as I have internet and aircon, anywhere works!

SLTD said...

Yes, I have at least 2 of those huge Jars there. Not using them anymore and I find them to be an eye sore.

Want to dispose but don't know how. But I guess if you willing to pay, help will come automatically.

Air-con is a must there. But the electricity bill does not come cheap. My wife and 2 kids stayed there for a month with air-con and my bill came up to about 2,000 baht. No internet, just TV. Internet connectivity is a big problem there.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

2000 baht! What is their usage like? How many hours? How many units on and etc?

Heard from my wife that they have the unlimited internet package, monthly is about 700 baht, they also have the prepaid sim card internet, you can top up when you need to use, not sure how much that will cost though.

And seems like the youngsters at Wang Sam Mo are more connected nowadays, my wife's neighbours, old class mates can all be found on Facebook, they chat almost daily, but I think most likely they are using the prepaid sim card.

SLTD said...

The house have only 1 air-con and is switched on during the night.

Another 2 fans also used in the day and night.

Have standard items like fridge and washing machine. I also have a water pump to draw water from the Well. There is some problem in the pump and the power cut off is not working properly so this might consume extra electricity.

But for the period that we are not there, the bill is about 600 Baht. So you can imagine how much the air-con consume.

And it seems that the bill in Bkk is smaller as compared to Udon. My wife told me that the charges at Ban Nok (village) are more expensive so maybe that's true.

While my family is there, I bought for them the SIM card type at 699 baht/month for unlimited internet. Very slow and connection there is not really good.

I don't think you can install those house type unless there are hot spots there installed by the internet providers near your place. I think it is not available for my area. But I was there only for a short while so did not find out about it anyway.

I will settle there 1 day. But have decided against building a house. I will buy 1 near the city area. The price to build 1 and buy 1 is not much different. That is if you already have the land. If you don't have land, it will be more expensive.

Too much hassle to build a house. I only renovated and it already brought me so much problems. Maybe I did not pay enough. Haha

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hmm.. I think maybe it differs by district, heard from wife that if electricity bill is lesser than 40 baht, no need to pay, MIL house nobody staying, only sometimes MIL visit to clean a bit (she stays at new husband house) or wife's brother drop by to hang around a bit (he stay in farm), so the electricity is always free. Anyway I asked my wife, she say if there is aircon, the electricity will probably be 700 or 800 baht, so I guess perhaps depends on district.

For internet can try ADSL type i.e. connect via land lines (we call it fixed line in sg), nowadays most areas in Udon have land lines, brands like 3BB, Trueonline or TOT, sim card types at the mercy of location, like my wife's bio-father house in the mountains totally no signal, but not going to live there haha, just saying.

Lucky for me I don't have to build, worst scenario is renovate a bit more, anyway MIL is renovating with the sinsod I send to her, wife say in the end the land and house will give wife, by the way MIL own the land and house.

SLTD said...

Same for me. MIL will give the house and land to my wife. Whether to stay there or not we will decide when the time comes.

But wife unwilling to sell even if not staying. So will probably treat it as a plantation house for short stay if not staying permanently. Now trying plant something but not successful yet.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Well, seems like we both have an escape route ;)

Dudelove said...

Check out www.numbeo.com. Has good indicators of the standard of living in various cities. You guys are lucky! I had to get a job in Bangkok cos my wife couldn't handle corporate life in Singapore!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey Dudelove,

Thanks for the link, really helpful information in that site.

Dudelove said...

@ Makz. You can try looking at Pruksa or Land and House. They have alot of new projects coming up and the prices should be within your budget. We bought a place around On Nut area. Not very convenient as my work place is at Rama 3. The thing is everything has to go through your wife. The loan requirements are not stringent. They will request for your wife's proof of income, tax, payslip etc. Minimun monthly household income is 40K Baht only. And do note that their interest rates are way higher as compared to SG. Range from 6 to 10 percent PA.

Anonymous said...

No worries bro! Helping fellow Stinkies!