02 March 2014

Viewed 4 HDB Resale Flats Today

Today I finally met my camp mate's property agent friend, he is a very nice guy, very patient, polite and knowledgeable, most important of all I can feel that he is genuinely trying to help me find a unit that we like.

All 4 flats are in the Queenstown district, 3 in Commonwealth and 1 at Tanglin Halt.

Unit 1: Well Renovated 2-Room at Commonwealth

This one is the best, when we walked in, we instantly fell in love with it, the renovation is well done, so well done that we can just move in without any renovation work, they even have one extra bedroom added and it's quite big, problem is the valuation price, $329K, last COV offer of $11K was rejected by owner. I don't think I can afford it even if the owner doesn't ask for any COV, sigh, so this one can forget it.

Unit 2: Nice Looking 3-Room at Commonwealth

Compared to the 2-room earlier, this one is a bit lackluster but the condition is still good, I think we could probably get by without any renovation, but same problem, valuation too high, when the seller agent said $350K, I turned around and headed for the exit haha...

Unit 3: Original Condition 2-Room at Commonwealth

Actually this one not so original, what I meant by original is the owner didn't do any renovation but Main Upgrading Programme (MUP) was completed, think they added one more toilet and extended the kitchen backwards, the kitchen is quite big and the bedroom is bigger than I expected, valuation is $260K and heard from my agent that the owner did not ask for any COV. Me and wife really like this one, I think we just need to change the kitchen flooring and repaint and it will be ready, old design doesn't matter to us.

Unit 4: Renovated 2-Room at Tanglin Halt

The valuation report is not out yet for this unit, but we don't really like it anyway, the laundry area is missing, according to seller agent, owner is living alone and is using portable laundry thingy, after that we realized actually he/she is hanging clothes outside the HDB flat, at the door way, wow, the renovation inside is quite impressive but hang clothes outside? Very funny right haha. Anyway not interested in this unit, don't like the renovation works, very rigid design, too many built-in features.

It was a tiring day, we walked around under the hot sun, but good thing is my wife really liked the Unit 3 and I also like it, so I told my agent no more viewing and just help us get that unit and he said ok.

Now I just need to sell my CPF stocks and sell some cash stocks to get ready $5K for the deposit, hope Monday share price is good, now I'm wondering which cash stock I should sell first, hmmm, I have about $2K cash, just need another $3K or so, maybe I should sell Lippo Malls first, hope Monday it can hit $0.41 or at least $0.405.


sim said...

Hi there, stumble on your blog. I married a foreign wife too ;)
thank you for sharing and its an interesting/informative read.
All the best to ur hdb hunting and family. Cheers

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey Sim,

Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!