03 April 2014

Jubilee Baby Gift Both Singaporean Parents Then Eligible?


A Marie Dini Osmond said, "For Singaporean babies only and both parents must be Singaporean in order to be eligible for this. I really hope the government have this criteria in place."

So if I have a baby next year and I'm not supposed to be eligible because my wife is a foreigner? Haha so sad, one freebie brings out the selfishness of this country's people, I'm sure she's not the only one who thinks like that, a lot of Singaporeans simply hate foreigners, even if spouse of Singaporeans also hate, it's just the way it is.

Anyway I suggested 10 gold bars, they probably won't bother to consider my suggestion haha but seriously, if they don't give money then I hope they give something useful, please don't give some stupid worthless coin like in army, waste of taxpayers' money, at least give diapers, milk powder, baby clothes, Grace Fu say give one sarong with Singapore flag to wrap baby, at least that sounds useful, or easiest, give NTUC voucher, they got to spend the money anyway so NTUC voucher is the best.

But I have a feeling they will screw up and end up giving junk, let's see.

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