01 April 2014

LTVP+ Holders Not Allowed Babysit at Home to Earn Money

My wife is a housewife so she mostly stays at home to do the chores, I was thinking maybe she could earn some income by babysitting at home, I spoke with her regarding this and she doesn't seem to reject it so I decided to explore this possibility.

The idea came to me when I visited the Singapore Babysitter Connect forum at mummysg.com and realized that there are plenty of residents here looking for babysitters, so I thought why not, but before I act on anything, I checked with MOM regarding the legality because I feel that it's quite a grey area as in there's no fixed employer, it's like a casual job, can't expect all the parents to apply letter of consent for her right.

But to be sure, I dropped MOM an enquiry, today they got back to me, the lady on the line made it clear that LTVP+ is meant for my wife to stay here only, so that means if she wants to work or even babysit at home, she would need a letter of consent. I also confirmed that unless she is babysitting for free i.e. help out a neighbour, otherwise she would need a letter of consent as long as she is getting paid for her service.

I think this is a bit rigid, what kind of impact will there be if she babysits at home for a fee? I see benefits such as she can contribute financially to our family, she can keep herself busy while I'm at work, she can charge a lower fee than childcare centres so as to offer more competition and choices to the childcare industry, this will benefit consumers and perhaps encourage work at home business models, or maybe even encourage existing players to improve their pricing and services, so why not?

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