17 April 2014

My Credit Card Spending So Far

I received my POSB Everyday card late last month, so far my spending is $248.60, all spent on daily necessities, didn't buy anything out of impulse, okay bought one bottle of Old Cask Rum for $32.75 at Sheng Siong but it's mainly for my father to drink, I don't drink that much, until now it's still almost full since we hardly touch it. Also bought several packets of hand-rolled cigarettes since I smoke daily, I will buy it anyway but buying it in bulk at Sheng Siong is cheaper since there is a 5% rebate, the rest spent on food, drinks, shampoo, shower foam etc.

The feeling of having credit at my disposal feels good, I mean my credit limit is $18,500, to me it's not a small sum of money, I don't even have that kind of money, I don't even earn that much in a month and yet they allow me to credit that much if I wanted to, I think it's dangerous in the wrong hands, I know of people who will burn all that money in a few days, have a few friends who are the spend-now-think-later type, I wonder how they are doing, hope they have some savings, get married, buy house, have kids all need money, can't just enjoy life all the time, most of the time we need to endure now so we can have a better life later on, well unless you are born rich then that's a different story.

By the way I still haven't receive the bill for my credit card spending, I checked with POSB and they told me they will generate bill on the 23rd of each month, just for info.

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