25 April 2014

Qiito is An Adult Website?!?

Well, I consider the founder of Qiito my very good friend, even though our relationship was brief but I learned a lot from him, things that you probably cannot find in school textbooks, he also pointed me to the right direction in terms of career path and investment, and I actually made money from my CPF investment thanks to him, and I'm glad that he is doing well now, he deserves it.

And since my discovery of SimilarWeb yesterday, I have been throwing in addresses of different websites to see their ranking, of course I tried Qiito and to my horror, it is categorized as an adult website i.e. PORN SITE, what the hell.

Qiito Categorized as Adult

With The Likes of These Sites!

I have been to Qiito a few times so I know it's definitely not an adult site, it is obviously a travel-related site, but luckily SimilarWeb allows visitors to suggest a different category so I did my part and suggested "TRAVEL", I hope they will pick it up soon and change the category accordingly.

And I hope my post can bring more traffic to Qiito, well, this is one way I can repay someone who helped me!

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