17 April 2014

Sheng Siong Online Grocery Shop - All For You

Recently while reading up on Sheng Siong, I realized that they are also into e-commerce, you can call it e-shop or as the financial analysts call it e-grocery, whatever, basically consumers can buy groceries online and it will be delivered to their homes. I think they are still testing the idea because from the website, I see only some north areas are available for delivery.

Only Some North Areas Available

Now let's look at the delivery charges, we compare with the other major players like NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage.

Sheng Siong$70 and aboveFree

Below $70$7 per trip
NTUCAbove $60$7 per trip

$60 and below$10 per trip
GiantS$60.00 and above$7 per trip

Less than S$60$12 per trip
Cold StorageS$60.00 and above$7 per trip

Less than S$60$12 per trip

Seems like Sheng Siong has the edge, $70 and above comes with free delivery and overall seems like Giant and Cold Storage are the most expensive, and they have the same pricing, not surprising since they are both under the same parent company i.e. Diary Farm.

But I am wondering how Sheng Siong's e-grocery business is doing, I don't see it mentioned anywhere on their recent financial results, and it was not easy to find on Google search, I also forgot what keyword I used, if I didn't know they have an e-grocery-shopping thing going on I would have thought it might be a scam site because if you look at the website, it looks kind of lame, actually NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage website also don't look that awesome, all looks lame lol, go see for yourself.

Sheng Siong All For You
Fair Price Online
Giant Online
Cold Storage Online

Or maybe they are only focused on people who lives in the north for now? Some sort of pilot testing? Although I think it's a safe move to start with a small area first, observe the responses from consumers and the logistics performance, but why not do some SEO for the website, or at the very least link it from their main website, at least more people can know about it, and their main website has a lot of traffic so they can easily direct traffic over.

Me for example, I didn't even know about the website's existence until today, and I think they have launched it early or mid of last year, and I have been their shareholder for a year! Very strange, feels like it's their secret website lol.


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