16 April 2014

Take Taxi Also Cut Queue

Just now after work when I was on my way to the train station, I saw quite a long queue at the taxi stand, there were this two women, they are foreigners by the way, sounded like Filipinos and they came out from the same building as me, office wear, I think they work there, I walked faster so I ended up at the taxi stand ahead of them, as usual, I took a puff before entering the station, finally when they caught up, just nice a Comfort taxi with green light came, green means available, and they walked towards the taxi, one lady in the queue called out to them that the queue is behind, they didn't care and blatantly boarded the taxi, they even smiled while doing so, can't believe they did that in front of so many people, first time I saw something like this.

I know Singaporeans cut queue too, particularly aunties always like to act blur and step in front of me, never mind, I let them go first, I take it as they are ignorant so no need to start an argument over who came first, but those two don't look like ignorant aunties to me, they came from the same building as me, they were in office wear, obviously they are working adults, and they shamelessly cut the queue anyway. I don't have anything against Filipinos but these two just happen to be the first in office wear that I have seen to have done something like this. Most people here can queue up, can't they just follow the culture here and queue up? If in a hurry, why not just call a taxi? Whenever I need one urgently I just call, I don't go and cut the queue right, if I want to do that at least I'll wrap a plastic bag over my head and not show people my shameless smile, really disgusting.

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