23 April 2014

Toilet Auntie at My Workplace

Usually toilet aunties are very nice but I have this particularly annoying auntie at my workplace, I think she hates me but I don't know why, I didn't do anything to offend her, I don't even talk to her, we hardly interact at all so I really have no idea why she seems to hate me. You can say I'm sensitive but let me share with you why I think she hates me.

Every morning I will go to the pantry to fill up my water bottle, she will be sitting at one corner reading newspaper, I don't look at her or do anything funny, I just wash my bottle and fill it up, then she will start mumbling in Malay, I don't understand Malay so I have no idea what she was saying, I also don't think she was talking to anyone else because we were alone in the room, either she was directing it at me or she was talking to herself, then I turned and looked at her and she continued mumbling and reading the newspaper and looking at me from the corner of her eye, what the hell man, and this happened several times.

There was this one time after I entered the toilet to take a piss, she barged in without knocking, usually toilet aunties will knock to make sure nobody is inside before entering, she just barged in like that, fine, I'm okay with it since I was in the cubicle, then after I finished my business I walked out of the cubicle, she looked surprised and then she started raising her voice and talking to herself in Malay, I have no idea what the hell she was saying but she sounded very unhappy, what the hell man, thought I should be the one being unhappy, maybe I should have told her off.

After that incident, somehow whenever she sees me she will assume that I want to go to the toilet, there was this one instance where I was walking towards the toilet, actually I didn't want to use the toilet, I just wanted to fill up my water bottle, the pantry is right next to the toilet so when I was walking in that direction, just nice she appears, I was like 15 meters away from her and she started yelling, "Want to use toilet ah?", I shake my head but she continued yelling so I waved my hand quite frantically signalling no. This incident really pissed me off, I almost wanted to shoot an email to building management, but thinking that I may cause her to lose her job or get reprimanded, I didn't do so, no need to be so mean right.

But actually my co-workers don't like her too, I bet she must have done something similar to them, whenever she needed to enter our office to do cleaning, my co-workers refuse to open the door for her, there was once after she entered she started yelling and screaming, there were so many people in the office and can't believe she went crazy, I think there's something seriously wrong with her, as if she is in perpetual PMS mode, and nowadays I try my best to avoid her, really can't stand her.

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