05 May 2014

Appointment at SGH Orthopaedic

I'm going to see the specialist for my lower back pain, seems like getting worse, wonder what's happening to my lower back, sit too long pain, do sit up also pain, after running also pain, sigh, last weekend bought some medicine from Zheng Zhong Ping, one packet $38, the lady say can help to straighten my back, sounds amazing right, I actually believed her, she told me to buy 2 packets to try for one month, one packet can last for 1/2 month so ended up I bought only one packet to try, ate 3 times already but doesn't seem to get better, I do feel a little bit better but not sure if it is because of the medicine, I'll finish the packet and see how, but better still is to go to the specialist and have do a checkup.

Now I'm wondering how I'm going to clear my IPPT in my current condition, I scared after I do sit up and then my back starts to hurt then how, later fail then kena RT, jia lat, I hope the specialist can downgrade me so I don't have to take IPPT, now feel like so old, here pain there pain, when I was 20+ I was like a bull, now 30+ feel like 50+! Really jia lat, the Zheng Zhong Ping lady also say I so young back pain, I think thanks to army, used to be combat engineer, we had to carry the parts for building bridge, shit pay and still have to live with the after-effects, really sucks. Then that day saw that Mindef is considering giving more recognition to NSmen for our service, then that AWARE come out and complain, na beh, never serve still want to complain, female Singaporeans already have a 2 years head-start, what more do they want?

But anyway, I doubt the benefit will be much, just look at the safra voucher, I served 2 years full-time and 10 years reservist and I got an $80 safra voucher and a useless safra membership card, I don't even go to safra. Aiyah, just hope I can get over this nonsense ASAP, I got 3 more high-keys and that's it, this whole NS thing is so meaningless and wasteful, you want a committed defense force then start paying us like one, patriots also need to eat, also need to feed family, who in their right minds will bother with NS if given a choice.

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