23 May 2014

Charged $64.37 by Starhub for Mobile Data!

Damn bloody shocked, today received my bill I saw this extra charge, total used 6437KB of mobile data, so it's $0.01 per KB, damn expensive, then I called up Starhub billing hotline and yelled at that customer rep demanding to know why the heck they charged me this amount, then the lady on the line told me she's just answering on behalf of billing hotline, basket then I thinking she answer for what since she cannot help me with my bill query, then she said she will arrange for billing to call me back within 2 days, that really pissed me off even more, but no choice I said okay, and she hung up real fast.

After that my wife told me she may have accidentally turned on the data on her phone, what the fish, after I yelled at the Starhub girl then she told me this, sigh, that Starhub girl really innocent, anyway I shouldn't have yelled at her, sigh, reach home after work so tired and see this kind of bill can be really frustrating, and just to prevent this from happening again, I called them up again to bar the data on me and wife's line, take no more chances, I already instructed my wife to be careful with the data and she still can accidentally turn it on, now have to pay that money for nothing.

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