Collected My Keys!

The owners are very willing to hand us the keys, in fact the male owner saw me last week and he wanted to give me the keys, but I think I walked too fast and he couldn't catch me, by the way he is living in the same estate as my parents, just a few blocks away. They are also okay with us moving in early, or do whatever works that we need to do, very nice and friendly couple. We have not taken over the SP account yet, but the owners say we can feel free to use the water and electricity because they still have unused rebates, about $50 or $60+, really helpful, where to find such nice sellers.

So just now me and wife went to Courts to take a look, we went to the aircon section, the nice salesperson explained some stuff to us, and he recommended me to buy this Midea brand aircon, it's made in China, $2299 for system 2, very cheap compared to other brands. Then I told him I also plan to buy a fridge, washing machine and mattress, and I asked him if there's a discount if I buy multiple items from him, unfortunately he said no, then he called his colleague over, his colleague also recommended me Midea fridge and washing machine, very fishy, ended up I thanked both of them and grabbed my wife and got out of there. How come they keep pushing Midea brand, it was quite annoying, me and wife prefer to slowly see and take our time to decide, don't like people to keep pushing us. Maybe I'll drop by Gain City.


Anonymous said…
My experience with midea clothes dryer is not printable. Brand new n hv timer prob. Replace new one same prob. Replace another one same same. Service guy came over also cannot solve. He also dont know why got this prob. In the end got refund fm courts and change to my previous brand -whirlpool. I will NEVER buy this brand again whatever the cost. Or maybe it was just my bad luck!
Thanks for sharing, luckily I didn't buy yesterday, almost wanted to buy Midea aircon until the second guy kept pushing me the same brand of products, I heard Courts is the exclusive retailer for the brand, maybe they get a larger cut from sales.

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