10 May 2014

Five 17 Year Old Arrested for Toa Payoh Graffiti


I thought the culprit would be some middle aged man who is suffering from hardship due to the fast pace of Singapore, probably due to job loss and long-term unemployment, or family member having to pay hefty healthcare bills, that I can understand, when a person becomes depressed, who knows what he will do, I think that can be forgiven and appropriate help should be granted to such a person, but five 17 year old did that? Why? How have they suffered under the rule of PAP? What motivated them to do such a thing?

One thing for certain is if they get fined, their parents will pay for it, I don't think they have the money to pay for it themselves, if they actually have savings that will mean they were working, and if they were working they should have been more sensible and should not have gone down such a path.

And they don't look that depressed to me, if you look at the photo gallery, you will see that in some photos, some of them were smiling, looks to me like they have achieved something and was happy about it, I don't think a depressed person would be smiling when they are arrested. And they don't look like they were in hardship, one even looks like he was eating well.

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