07 May 2014

Graffiti at Toa Payoh


Wasting residents money, vandalize it so who will clean it up? Town council. Who pay the town council? Residents. So isn't that wasting Toa Payoh residents' money? And what's the point of doing that, what will it achieve? Nothing, it will probably be cleaned in a few days, or maybe they already cleaned it up.

The text are as follow:

WE had enough!
SG Government can't give US FREE DOM.

This led me thinking, what's the point of getting angry at the party, I agree some policies are really screwed up but going to the extent of vandalizing and fucking the party is really stupid and childish, why not step out and doing something about it instead, join the opposition party and come up with something useful like give suggestions or feedback.

And this idiot thinks he is speaking for everyone else, he should say "I had enough" instead, and what freedom does he want? Government tie him up and restrict his movement? Then how did he get up there to vandalize? What kind of freedom is he talking about? Totally don't understand.

I think most people here would rather sit back and post rubbish in Facebook than to do anything constructive, I see a lot of people actually commended that vandal, what the hell, if you don't like PAP, by all means go form your own party, join opposition and bring them down or just vote them out, condoning vandalism is just totally rubbish, don't know what these idiots are thinking, and what they teach their children, no wonder each generation gets worse, terrible, to be honest, I think this country is heading to hell because of these retards, not because of PAP.

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