03 May 2014

How to Make Money in Singapore without Starting a Business

1. Get a full-time job.

This is the traditional way and perhaps the most reliable way, find a good paying job and stick to it, if there is a better opportunity you can choose to jump for higher salary, big companies usually recognize paper qualifications and pay you more so if you have a degree or some specialized certifications, usually it will work well. So if a company doesn't recognize your paper, you may want to start looking for a company that knows how to appreciate you.

2. Get a sideline.

While you are holding onto a full-time job, most people will have rest days on Saturdays and Sundays, you can find some part-time jobs to do during your rest days. Some people provide tuition, some people work as insurance or property agent, some people even drive a taxi, it's up to you to manage.

3. Start a blog.

Like me and many others who are blogging during their free time, this may take a while unless you look like Bae Yong-joon or Hyuna, try posting useful content, people will appreciate it, find a topic that interests you and work from there. And as your blog traffic increases, you can put up some ads, there are a few options but the most common ones are Nuffnang and Adsense which pay you money for every click by a visitor.

4. Clear your IPPT.

For guys we have one more option which is to get the IPPT award, it's actually very good money considering that for just an incentive pass you can get $100, for silver is $200, for gold is $400 but gold is probably out of reach for many people, just incentive pass is really good enough because one IPPT session probably takes no more than 3 hours to complete, my company don't even pay me that well per hour. And other than the award, it's also good to keep fit so you look good and feel good.

5. Re-contract and sell the phone.

This is nothing new, many people are doing this, basically you go to any of our telcos e.g. SingTel, Starhub or M1, renew your mobile line, get a phone with high resale value and then sell it, you can probably earn between $200 to $300 or more depending on the model that you selected.

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