26 May 2014

I am Now a HDB Resale Flat Owner!

Me and wife reached HDB Hub at around 2pm, our appointment was at 3.30pm so we went over to the Courts to take a look, nothing interesting though, we'll probably buy our stuff and Gain City. So 3.25pm, I met my agent friend, he accompanied us to register, the officer called our number at 3.30pm, went in and signed twice, then spent 25 minutes waiting for the seller's representative to bring the keys to us, basket, he said he got stuck at the gantry or something, anyway excluding that I think the process would take no longer than 5 minutes, very fast, that HDB officer damn efficient.

I thought I was going to get a certificate or something, they only gave me 4 pages of paper saying I'm now the owner of XXX address and some rules and regulations and bla bla bla, and to sign up for SP Services account or make payment to town council, I need to provide the letter. Anyway, feels great to have our own place, FINALLY!


husband-infidelity said...

congrats , only lucky people get house in their life

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your new home. Not sure whether for resale flat, are you able to purchase the HDB master policy fire insurance from Etiqa (member of Maybank Group)?. Currently I am paying $8.24 for 5 years coverage (5room). Covers only HDB building, structures, machinery etc..
For internal furnishings etc.. a separate fire insurance is required.