17 May 2014

Never Too Late to Study


I find that his story is very similar to mine, he dropped out at secondary 3, I dropped out at secondary 2, both of us realized that without paper qualification, the road will be very rough, I know there are people who succeeded without any paper but how many are there in every 10 who tried? Anyone know the statistics? Worse are those who keep telling you stories of this guy who became rich without PSLE, or that guy who made it with only N-levels, or that ITE graduate who is earning $5000 a month, it's like saying one should buy TOTO because there are people who won first group, but do you know how low the probability of winning is? Doesn't mean you shouldn't try but also doesn't mean you should fully depend on it, get what I mean.

But I really respect this guy, he went through a challenging path, 2 years of ITE night classes and then 3 years of polytechnic, I think he studied full-time in polytechnic and that's probably why it took him 3 years, I remember part-time is 4 or 5 years.

Previously I also thought of going the same path but after taking one module at ITE, I gave up, I realized that it was going to take a long time, my target was a degree as soon as possible so I ended up enrolling at Informatics, that time I only had a PSLE so my options were limited, luckily Informatics is not that difficult to get into, that time they had this IT course, I think the only requirement was to be over 16 years old, so I took it, that time I was 21, and I got my degree when I was 27, could have been faster because I spent about 1 year+ slacking after I completed my diploma and advanced diploma, anyway that time I didn't have enough money for the degree, I finally started my degree when I was 26.

I think I paid more than $30K for the diploma, advanced diploma and degree, if include the interest from the 2 loans that I took, I think can easily hit $35K, but did I earn it back? Of course I did, if I didn't have a degree, I would probably still be working at the warehouse, that time when I left in 2005, my basic salary was $1150, assuming that they increase by $50 a year, I would be getting $1600 now, so much difference compared to my current salary, oh and the warehouse only gives 1 month bonus, now I can get up to 4 months, hell lot of difference.

Anyway, listen to yourself, follow your heart, if you feel that studying is good for you, please go ahead and do so, don't listen too much to people around you, my mother used to say that I was getting scammed when I was studying for my degree, now she's showing off to her friends and relatives that I have a degree, what the hell right, anyway degree is just a piece of paper, ultimately you need to be able to deliver at work, remember this, don't be complacent, there's always something new to learn.

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