25 May 2014

Our Big Day Tomorrow!

Just one more night and tomorrow afternoon I'll be signing to take over the resale flat officially, feels good to be a homeowner soon, having a house is like one of the big things a guy should have, let me list it down.

1. Job
2. Wife
3. House
4. Children

So far I have or am going to have the first 3, I really hope we can have a child soon, just one is enough.

And tomorrow I will need to pay the agent fees, $2675! Actually it's $2500 but they need to charge GST.

Also my father bought a huge bucket of white emulsion paint for $40+, he said he will paint for me when he is free at night, that really helps to save me a lot of money, he said one bucket is enough and if I get a professional to do it for me it would cost at least $800, so I think after the whole thing I will give him a huge red packet, can't expect him to work for free right haha.


Anonymous said...

You may like to consider to hv yr dad use anti fungi paint fr yr bathroom ceiling as normal emulsion paint cannot prevent yr celing from getting dark patches fm appearing due to humidity.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Thanks for the suggestion, will check with him.