19 May 2014

Roy Ngerng Received a Lawyer's Letter from Mr. Lee


The problem stems from implying that Mr. Lee, Mdm Ho and Mr. Tharman are dishonest in the use of our CPF monies, furthermore making a comparison to the City Harvest case, not good, when you make such an allegation, you are giving them a chance to shoot you back, most important question is, can you prove any wrongdoing? If the answer is no, then be ready to apologize. So far only Mr. Lee sent Roy a lawyer's letter, at least the other two person didn't take action, I say Roy should just apologize and move on, no point being headstrong.

Sometimes it's good to keep a lower profile, if someone who isn't as famous as Roy wrote that, I think Mr. Lee won't bother, the thing is Roy's blog is one of the top blogs in Singapore, its global rank is also respectable, that means what he wrote can reach a large audience, of course Mr. Lee will take action, one of them must take action but not all of them, if all of them take action then it would seem like excessive bullying, of course even if only Mr. Lee take action, people will say it's bullying, but well, let's just say it's something that he must do.

So to all, please be more mindful of what you write or say, if you are not happy, just attack the organization, scold CPF board upside down, scold GIC, scold PAP, just don't attack a person, especially someone who is a public figure, and when you can't prove what you say is true, organization cannot sue you, but a person can.

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