24 May 2014

Starhub Fibre Down Since 8am!

No actually it's up right now, see I'm posting now! Anyway this morning at 8am when I tried to surf the net the connection kept dropping, so annoying, I ping to google.com.sg and sometimes it's okay but mostly it times out. Then after lunch I tried again and still same problem, really frustrating, I called the technical line but they can't help much, they can only escalate to the network team, by the time their specialist call me the problem has already been resolved and indeed, now the connection is back to normal, I don't know what time it started working but last I tried was at about 3.30pm, that time not working.


Anonymous said...

Internet connection nowadays seems to be cranky regardless of provider.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yep correct, I think Singtel or M1 or other ISP also will have problems sometimes, as consumers we can only hope that they can resolve it fast.