28 May 2014

Starhub Waived My Data Charge!

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Got a good surprise just now, the friendly Starhub customer service staff called me, he told me that since my line is PowerValue 100 and that I have barred the data and the data usage was little ($64.37 for 6437KB!), he can waive it for me and it will take effect in the next 1 to 2 billing cycle, great, no need to pay for nothing, my wife probably accidentally switched it on while playing with her phone, I tried and there's no confirmation prompt, once you touch the button it will switch on the data, really dangerous. Now I feel even more bad for yelling at the Starhub girl (see my previous post), sigh, so next time I really should talk to them nicely, no point venting my frustration on anyone, they are just doing their job, so whoever you are, I am so sorry.

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