21 May 2014

Thinking of Selling My Lippo Malls

These few days I have been looking around and roughly came up with a list of things to buy, with my current cash I don't think will be enough so definitely have to sell my shares.

Aircon$2,500.00Mitubishi Starmex
Washing machine$500.00
Painting$100.00Father buy and do for me.
Flooring$2,000.00Just a rough amount, father's friend will do for me.
Kitchen cabinet$500.00Father buy and do for me.
Stove and sink$750.00

My current cash is about $4400, if I sell my 10 lots of Lippo malls, can get about $4021 so should be enough, now Lippo is $0.405, I see the buy volume today is higher than usual, the trading volume also so much higher at 3582 lots, how come today so much activitiy, maybe next few days will go up? I wait a bit, no hurry to sell now, I think I can wait one or two weeks.

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