11 May 2014

This Guy is Everywhere!

I see him all the time, at the supermarket in my neighbourhood, at Sheng Siong, seems like he is everywhere staring at people!


And that day when it was very windy and he kept falling down, my wife picked him twice and he still fell down, I laughed at him and then my wife finally picked him up for the third time and positioned him so that he won't fall down again.

But seriously, I think this is a good idea, when people see his face I think they will think twice about doing something unusual, and I don't think a cardboard like that cost too much so this should be cost-effective.


Anonymous said...

They shld separate the "stop" fm the rest of the sentence as it could also mean stopping theft is a crime. LOL

Anonymous said...

Read again. The word is 'shop' not 'stop'.