14 May 2014

Today is My Credit Card Payment Due Date

And they are supposed to deduct the outstanding amount from my bank account because I have already setup the GIRO payment ever since I received my card but until now, I still don't see the amount being deducted. Actually this morning I called up POSB customer service and the lady from the credit card department told me that the GIRO deduction will happen on the payment due date and at night, as to what time at night she didn't mention and I didn't ask, damn I should have asked but then again, I think she also won't know that, but I guess they will probably deduct at midnight.

Anyway the lady assured me several times that she will personally monitor my case and also that I will not be charged anything, and even if they do charge me for late payment or whatsoever, she will waive it for me, and also she will give me a call tomorrow morning to update me on the deduction status, I'm counting on that. I think after this payment I will cancel the GIRO, might as well I make payment myself, this GIRO thing is like so last minute, why can't they deduct 1 or 2 days before the due date, or maybe they are giving more time for people to pay up, well it's a good thing though, but I don't like being so late, I'm the owe money quickly pay money type ;)

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