21 May 2014

Visited SGH Orthopaedic Surgery Department

So today I went to see the specialist, appointment was at 10.10am, reached there at around 10.04am, registered and waited for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before my turn, can see the clinic is quite packed, so many elderly, especially female, wonder why so many female waiting to see the specialist.

Anyway me and wife went in, it was a young doctor, I think about my age, he is very fast, asked a few questions regarding my back and then he did a physical examination for me, some sort of testing to see whether I still feel any pain, actually I have mostly recovered, I don't feel pain anywhere, that's the thing about lower back pain, it comes and goes, maybe the Zheng Zhong Ping medicine worked, I don't know.

So seeing that I am feeling okay, he discharged me and prescribed some plasters for me in case I feel pain again but most importantly, I asked him whether I can resume doing sit-up and he said okay, well, I shall try but I think should be okay, just now he told me to bend forward and backward and I don't feel any pain, he also told me to lie on the bed and he did some resistance testing like putting pressure on my leg and asked me to try raising my leg and I felt okay.

So today I spent $34 on the consultation and $2.20 for the plasters, by the way it's $34 because I had a referral letter from polyclinic, without the letter I think it's $100+, anyway I can claim from company ;)

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